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We are certified GIAC Computer Forensic Analysts, Mobile Phone Seizure and AccessData certified. We utilize advanced techniques and methodologies in memory forensics, recovering and discovering deleted partitions from hard drives and are up-to-date with the latest research areas in both live and static based disk forensics.

In partnership with Advance Data Recovery we now provide the most state of the art data recovery techniques and services. Your storage device and data are kept safe and secure through each step of the data recovery process and all data is held in strict confidentiality.

Our current training disciplines encompass:
o    Digital forensics essentials
o    Computer forensics methodology
o    Fundamental forensic methodology
o    Key forensic acquisition/analysis methods & concepts, laws & guidelines
o    Data breach cases, intrusion analysis, and advanced investigative strategy
o    Evidence integrity and chain of custody
o    Evidence acquisition tools and techniques
o    U.S. laws for investigators
o    E.U. laws for investigators
o    Forensic reports and testimony
o    Live response and volatile evidence collection
o    Memory collection techniques
o    Memory analysis techniques
o    Law enforcement bag and tag
o    Presentation and reporting of evidence and analysis
o    Volatile evidence gathering and analysis
o    USB device tracking and analysis
o    Tracking user activity
o    Firefox and Internet Explorer browser forensics
o    Advanced forensic evidence acquisition and imaging
o    Data carving
o    Application footprinting and software forensics
o    String searching
o    E-mail forensics (host, server, web)
o    Microsoft Office document analysis
o    Windows memory structures
o    Windows system restore and shadow volume copy exploitation
o    Prefetch analysis
o    Linux/Unix file system examination
o    Discovering lost partitions from a formatted drive
o    File system structures and metadata
o    File system and data layer examination
o    File sorting and hash comparisons
o    File and picture metadata tracking and examination
o    Metadata and file name layer examination
o    Partitioning schemes
o    Deleted file recovery
o    File system timeline analysis
o    Image file conversion (e01, raw, aff)
o    A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA and MCP
o    Windows file system basics
o    Key Windows file system analysis concepts
o    Windows in-depth registry forensics
o    Windows internal file metadata
o    Windows link file investigation
o    Windows FAT file system examination
o    Windows NTFS file system examination
o    Windows Recycle Bin analysis
o    Windows XP, VISTA, and WIN7 investigation and analysis

Home | Data Forensics | Data Retrieval | About Us | Why Use Us?

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