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JW Cyber Forensics engages in the process of locating, collecting, and organizing relevant electronically stored information (aka ESI), usually for litigation. We can even find ESI that has been deleted or is otherwise difficult to acquire. We use good forensic practices to ensure quality chain of custody for electronic evidence which can be hugely important to a legal case. Data exists everywhere. It can be found in a cell phone, electronic watch, USB thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, and yes, even floppy disks.

As Certified computer forensics investigators, we have different techniques that can be used in the science/art of computer forensics analysis. Before these techniques are implemented however, the task of Data Recovery begins, once those data are identified. There is a slight difference in Data Recovery and Data Recovery Forensics. The forensics process goes one step further than recovering lost or deleted files and folders. While the initial process is the same for both jobs, the forensic data recovery process must be done with care to preserve the evidence in as unmodified state as possible. This ensures that the evidence is viable and relevant, in case it is presented in a court of law.

Preservation and proof of originality is the most important part of data recovery. We can recover lost, deleted or hidden data. The data that are collected from a suspect or victim’s computer can take different forms. Computers are so much a part of our daily lives that it is a natural extension for them to reflect everything for which we use the computer. We know that this digital detritus is a treasure trove of information that can be used as evidence and we can get it. We can follow the digital footprints of those actions and interactions with the rest of the world are left behind on the computer. We don’t just blindly collect data, we also help to determine whether the data is relevant to the investigation.

JW Cyber Forensics can find the lost “gems” on Windows, Mac and Linux computers as well as mobile phones, smart phones, PDA’s, iPods, iTouch’s, iPads, etc. Anywhere data is stored, we can hunt it down. We know where to look and we also know how to extract that pertinent data relevant to your case. Don’t make the mistake of having your IT department take a look at the suspected computer first. Call us as soon as you suspect that a computer crime or intrusion has occurred. Calling early enough will give you a better chance of finding out the truth that is in that computer or network.

Home | Data Forensics | Data Retrieval | About Us | Why Use Us?
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